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Titel: Arbetskraft säsongen 2021 - Dimitriy har mailat BF
Skrivet av: Marie Backman skrivet 26 feb 2021, 12:25
Hej and. I am new to Sweden, but I hope for a long time and forever, and I want to connect my main activity with the development and care of bees.

I have experience in beekeeping and manufacturing. I don't know Swedish , but I want to learn it. I need a person who will invite me to work, and I will be a responsible employee and assistant in all matters. I have an idea to open a service "sleep on bees" ( a very useful procedure for those who are overworked as a result of work), I have a recipe based on wax for the treatment of certain diseases in humans, cows and goats.

Together with you, I could create a small production of wax from wax on the basis of the workplace, there are other thoughts about what to do in the winter.
I will wait for an invitation by
phone +46727853029 or by email: