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Titel: Killar från Österrike söker praktikplats
Skrivet av: Kommunikatör skrivet 16 nov 2020, 20:20
Dear sir or madam,
while I was searching for an internship on the internet, I found your website, so I thought I could write an email to you, in order you could find a place for two 16 year old boys. We both live in Austria and go to the same school, called BSBZ Hohenems (website: We are the third class and have to make an intership for 14 weeks. That internship would last from June to September. Johannes, my friend, and I also have the tractor driving licence.Attached you can find our CVs' in order to get to know more informations about us. You can reach us via email or you can call this number -> +43 680 200 8732. This is my mobile number, but I am not always available, because we have homeschooling at this moment. I hope you could tell us an beekeeping company that wants two guys making an internship and learning a bunch of new stuff. We both had a free subject at school for 3 years, so we also have some knowledge about bees. Thank you very much in advance for your help and we are looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,
Mathias Lampert & Johannes Waldner
Titel: SV: Killar från Österrike söker praktikplats
Skrivet av: Håkan Albrektsson skrivet 20 jan 2021, 20:06
Österlenhonung och Kögels biodling har fixat praktik plats till dem. Samt att de får vara på fler yrkesbiodlingar i Skåne.
Vi måste hjälpa ungdomar som visar sitt intresse för yrkesbiodling.

De kommer vara här i Sverige under 14veckor mellan 14juni - till september.
Vill ni ha besök från dem hör av er! På nummer 0705304520. Kan de kanske få åka en tur för att se fler yrkesbiodlingar. ::)
Mvh Håkan