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Marockansk biodlare söker jobb


Vi har fått en förfrågan från Izri Aarafa om jobb. Svara honom via mejl om du behöver hans hjälp.
Hello ,
I'm From Morocco
That's what u Can Do
I was Working as a Beekeepers and honey producer. Raising bees by protecting them against potential diseases and predators,Transport and find the suitable location for hives, Maintain the equipment needed to house bees: hives, frames, etc. Monitor hives,Take care of essential equipment for the apiary and honeydew, Control the food supplies of bees, Monitoring the health status of settlements, Harvest honey, pollen Marketing honey and derived products, Produce new colonies of queens and bees.
I Hope to find Work With You

Waiting For Your Answer Greetings
Izri Aarafa


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