Författare Ämne: Ukrainska biodlare i exil  (läst 5661 gånger)

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Ukrainska biodlare i exil
« skrivet: 20 feb 2023, 09:50 »
Dear beekeepers!

At present, many Ukrainian colleagues have been driven from their apiaries/companies by the war. In exile, they don't want to sit around doing nothing, they want to work. Anyone who still needs staff in their company for the coming season can contact Bernhard Heuvel at bernhard.heuvel@berufsimker.de  Bernhard will forward the applications to interested German employers (full-time, part-time, mini-job) and help with the translation.

If you can and want to hand in material (a couple of hive boxes, etc.) and bee yards as an alternative, please contact Bernhard as well. It often helps beekeepers if they can at least do some work on bees. Each of us can think about what it would be like to be driven from our beefarm and bees, only to have to persevere abroad without bee contact. Therefore, any idea or help is needed: please get in touch.

Freundliche Grüße/Best regards

Bernhard Heuvel
Vizepräsident Deutscher Berufs- und Erwerbsimkerbund DBIB
Vicepresident European Professional Beekeeper Association EPBA

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