Författare Ämne: Svensk-portugisisk biodlare söker jobb  (läst 9881 gånger)

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Svensk-portugisisk biodlare söker jobb
« skrivet: 05 aug 2020, 18:40 »
Hi there, I am writing you from Portugal. I was born in Sweden but grew here and since my Swedish is not spectacular, I write in English.
I started beekeeping this year and I just got the curiosity how does one say beekeeper in Swedish and well biodlare. Then I search a bit and found out a document made by arbetsförmedlingen saying that beekeepers have a struggle finding the right personal for work. Is that so?
I do have 9 beehives active, and my experience is just a couple of months, got all my bees from 3 swarms and got 4 from established colonies in trees and windows and a wine barrel. And done some splitting, I fed them and treated the varroa. I still haven't overwintered them so my practical experience is this.
I just looked for Beekeepers and beekeeping business in Sweden and decided to send some Emails. I have lived in Sweden a couple of years ago and am wondering in this possibility of moving and work as beekeeper because if I work with experienced beekeepers I will be a better beekeeper for sure.
So my question is if you have difficulty finding personal and if you know any big beekeeper who would need a pair of hands.

Tom Gabriel