Författare Ämne: Vill du bidra med biprodukter för produktion till Ukrainas armé?  (läst 3896 gånger)

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Biodlingsföretagarna fick ett mail från Tetiana som ber om hjälp. Hennes kontaktuppgifter finns lägst ner i mailet.

Good day. My name is Tetiana Senchuk. I am from Ukraine, but due to the war, I am temporarily living in Killeberg, Sweden. In Ukraine, I worked as a junior researcher at the National Research Center "PI Prokopovich Institute of Beekeeping". A colleague-beekeeper, who is the director of the State Educational College "Hadiach Agrarian  College " where beekeepers are taught, came to Sweden with me.
During our stay in Ukraine, we volunteered and helped our army. We made a special protective cream based on propolis and wax candles.
We ask you: maybe your beekeepers' association can help us with materials for making cream and candles - propolis and wax. We will buy all other components at our own expense. So we can continue to help our military.

Open to communication, cooperation and future meetings.

Sincerely, Tetiana Senchuk, Ukrainian, scientist, beekeeper.

Såggatan 13, 28376, Killeberg
Cell: +380665951120

З повагою,
 Сенчук Тетяна

Tetiana Senchuk